The Chronicles of Rinnil

You’ve discovered the headquarters of The Chronicles of Rinnil, a series of YA fairy tale retellings! Kick off the series with the Tales of Rinnil, then follow it up with the first novel, A Wolf’s Rose!

‘Til Dawn Do We Dance

When Cian Cochall shows up in a little village, the last thing he wants is to guard Liesha Fedog, the daughter of the local innkeeper. Her strange behavior, however, appears to be connected to Cian’s investigation into the disappearance of several faes, so he agrees to the task. But guarding her may be more difficult than he anticipated.

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A Wolf’s Rose

Can two broken people ever find redemption?

Roshien Cochall has one goal: appear before the Gwyns and prove that she can move beyond the mistakes of her past. Nothing seems to move her closer to that goal, however, and she is left feeling stuck.

Lorcan Mactíre has been waiting patiently for nearly ten years to seize a cochall’s magic ring. Taking Roshien’s grandmother hostage, he lures Roshien to his fortress and holds her captive, confident that he will soon uncover her ring’s secret.

Is this Roshien’s opportunity for redemption? Can she somehow convince Lorcan to let her go—and maybe even take him with her? Or is this the beginning of her final failure? 

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