Street Team Signups!

I’ve been woefully negligent about keeping you blog followers up to date about things that are happening in my little writing world. Some of y’all might remember that I released a YA fantasy novel, A Wolf’s Rose, back in June. I’ve recently decided to relaunch it with a brand new cover and some stronger editing. I’m shooting for a mid-January release!

That being said, I’m looking for people to help me with the relaunch. If you’d be interested in joining the cover reveal (for incentive, that means you’d get to see the cover early), or if you’d like to receive a free digital copy in exchange for a review (free books, anyone?), just follow this link and become a part of my street team!

Also, this seems like a great opportunity to tell you how grateful I am for all of you. Some of you have stuck around since I first started this blog, and it means more than you realize. Thanks for being the best followers!

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